Practical Considerations

Eating Out with IBD

Look at menus before selecting a restaurant to ensure they can accommodate for your diet, and do not be afraid to ask for any modifications while dining. Always remember to stay hydrated, and limit caffeine as well as alcohol intake.

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Pack your own snacks when going to the movie theatre, and if you opt to purchase food or beverages from the concession stand, remember to avoid popcorn and corn-based chips.

Look up special events, like outdoor festivals, in advance to see their concession options and bathroom locations.

If you are going to a party, suggest bringing a dish so you know there will be something that you can eat.

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Travelling and Diet

Here are some general tips to managing diet during travel:

  • Pre-select your airplane seat so you are close to a bathroom.

  • Bring your own snacks from home to munch on during your flight. Make sure you pack enough or buy something healthy from the airport so you are not stuck in the air with nothing that suits your diet.

  • Opt for accommodations with a kitchen – or at least a mini fridge – and a private bathroom.

  • Hit up the grocery store when you arrive to make snacks or easy meals, and remember to choose your street food wisely while out exploring.  

  • Be aware of the different ingredients that other cultures use when travelling abroad.

  • Pack a cooler with all of your favourite food and drinks for a road trip. Remember to stay hydrated, and avoid alcohol and caffeine. 

  • Learn simple phrases that you can use while abroad so you can ask questions, such as “where is the restroom?”

For more diet while travelling tips, please visit our Travelling section. 

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