Personal Fundraising Page Tutorial

Our Personal Fundraising Pages (PFPs) are an easy way for you or your friends to get your fundraising efforts off the ground.

We've created a 5 step tutorial for creating your fundraiser using our Personal Fundraising Pages (PFPs) that will help you set up your fundraiser and get your your campaign off the ground. You can refer back to this tutorial at any time to help you complete your fundraising page.

With our PFPs, creating your own fundraiser can now be as easy as A-B-C.

  • Step 1. Creating your account

    Step 1. Select the Click Here button under "Create a Fundraiser" page option.

    Select the "Click Here" button under the "Create A Fundraising Page" option on the site homepage.

    Step 2. Register as a new user or returning participant

    Select "Create an Account" under the New User option, or login as a returning participant

    Click the "Create an Account" under the New User option or log in as a returning participant. If you wish to return to the Participant Centre, click the login button at the top right and sign-in using the Username and Password emailed to you when your account was created.

    Step 3. Review the waiver and continue

    Accept the waiver and continue

    Tick the "I accept" waiver box and select "Continue".

    Step 4. Choose to manually enter your information or use Facebook to automatically complete the form

    Use your facebook to fill in your account information or complete this step manually

    You may choose to click the Facebook button to have the module link to your Facebook account and automatically enter your information, or you can manually complete the registration portion of creating your Personal Fundraising Page (PFP).

    Step 5. Registration acknowledgement and email sent with password and links

    You are now registered. You can click the "Start Fundraising" button to continue.

    If you have completed all the fields and clicked the red "Continue" button, you should now be registered for your PFP and see the screen above.

    A confirmation email will be sent to the email you used to register. PLEASE SAVE THIS EMAIL. It contains your username, password, and the link to your PFP. 

    You may decide at a later date to return to your page and send thank you letters or other emails from the Participant Centre so saving this confirmation email will help you navigate to your page. You can also click the red "LOGIN" button at the top right to use your username and password to return to the Participant Centre at any time.

    You can now click on the blue "Start Fundraising Now" button that will take you to the participant centre where you can personalize your fundraising page and send your contacts an email asking for their support. 

    Step 6. Take the the 45 second tour

    Take a 45 second tour image

    Once you click on the blue "Start Fundrasing Now" button, you will be taken to the Particpant Centre. You will be prompted to take the 45 second tour of the participant centre that will walk you through how to set up a sussessful fundraising campaign all on your own. You can return back to the Participant Centre dashboard by clicking on the icon of a house ( House icon ) at the top left at any time. You will notice that the circle graph on the top right of the dashboard will colour in its four sections as you complete the main tasks needed to create your personal fundraising page and ensure a successful fundraising campaign.

  • Step 1. Personalize your fundrasing page with images and text

    Click the "Edit Page" button on the left menu or click the link under "Personalize your Page" box at the top. You should see the following. Click "Edit Page" to begin customizing your page.

    Start by clicking Edit Page image

    On your personal page, you can add an image of yourself or a video. Additionally, you can edit the text to reflect your personality, your story or why you are hoping to raise money for research and patient programs.

    Editing your personal page to make it your own

    When you are finished, simply click on the home icon ( House icon ) at the top of your browser to return to the Participant Centre's Dashboard.

    Each time you complete one of the 4 main steps, the circle graph on the top right will indicate how far you are away from completing your fundraising page.

  • 1. You can decide from different options on how to create  your list

    Preparing your email list using the Address Book

    Under "Set up your campaign" area at top, Click the "Import Contacts" link under the "Create an email list" button.

    A pop-up will display the various contact programs you can select from. You can select what program you would like to use to create a list of selections that you will later send out your friends and family to let them know about your fundraising page.

    Please Note: Your PFP will not automatically send emails to everyone in your address book. You will need to select individuals from the list that you wish to contact before ANY email is sent. [See next step]

    select those people in your list who you would like to contact and notify about your fundraiser. click the green "get connections" button. Close the popup and return back to your dashboard by clicking on the button on the top left. Your graph on the top right should now show that you're 50% done.


    2. Now you will want to tailor an email to send out to your contacts

    From your contact list, select who you want to reach out to in order to fundraise

    At the top of the dashboard click on the "send email" link in the third box, "ask for donations." (see above)

    Tick the blue box to add the recipients you specified as possible donors in the last step when you added contact from your address book. The email you are creating will notify these recipients of your fundraiser and Personal fundraising page (see example above).

    Next, you can tailor the message you would like to send out and add details about what type of fundraiser you are creating and your story or reason for creating a fundraiser. Preview your message to see how it will look and review it before you send it to your contacts.

    Please note, any content within brackets is automatically inserted by the website to help you with your fundraiser. Please be wary of deleting this text as you may delete the link to your fundraising page [%Link-MyHomePage%] or other information that will be helpful in your fundraising efforts. 

    Click send to have your message emailed to the contacts you specified. Now you can return back to your dashboard (button on top left). Your graph on the right should now show that you are 75% done.

  • While in the participant centre, click on the "share" link in the 4th box at the top labelled "Raise Awareness on Social." You will be prompted to select the social media platform of your choice (see below). A pop-up will display that will allow you to tailor a message about your fundraiser and it will include a link to your fundraising page so that your friends on social media channels will be able to see that you're hosting a fundraiser and help you raise funds by contributing or sharing your post with others on their social media channels.

    You just completed your Personal Fundraisiing page. the graph on the top right should now show 100%.

    4th stage complete graphic

    You should receive an email shortly indicating your login information and the link to your personal page. (DO NOT DELETE THIS EMAIL). You can copy/paste this login info or save this email so that it is easy to refer back to later.

  • The Follow Ups Tab on the left menu acts as a "To-Do" list. It displays a list of contacts that you contacted by email and allows you to see when the emails were sent, if they were opened, and if there was a reply. This helps you to keep up with your fundraising effort so you can decide if a second email is needed or if you want to reach out to more people in your contact list to grow your fundraising effort.

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