The IBD Journey will strengthen your knowledge of living with Crohn’s and colitis. Here you will find information, strategies and tips to help manage your disease and make informed decisions with health care providers.

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Diagnosis and Testing

Healthcare providers use a combination of tests like blood and stool samples, endoscopy and imaging, to make a diagnosis and monitor Crohn's or colitis.

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Treatment and Medication

A range of medications exist for Crohn’s and colitis. Understanding these treatment options can help support conversations with health care providers to find what works best for you.

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Diet and Nutrition

There is no one diet that fits all. Explore the relationship between dietary choices, nutritional health, and IBD to create a plan with your health care providers that is tailored for you.

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Symptom Management

Symptoms of Crohn's and colitis can vary from person to person. Learn about the causes of diarrhea, nausea, fatigue, and more for strategies to maintain health and wellness.

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Pain and IBD

Pain is a troubling symptom of Crohn’s and colitis. It is a unique experience that affects day-to-day life, mental and physical wellness, and treatment requires a holistic approach.

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Complications and Extraintestinal Manifestations

People with Crohn's or colitis can experience complications inside or outside the gut, like anemia, fistulas, anal fissures, arthritis, osteoporosis, skin conditions, and cancer.

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Mental Health and Wellness

The mind and body are jointly affected by IBD. It is important to equip yourself with strategies that can help you manage stress, anxiety and depression to maintain your health.

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Exercise and Lifestyle

There are many benefits to living an active lifestyle, but having Crohn's or colitis can present some challenges. Learn about safe and effective exercise for people with IBD.

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Relationships and Intimacy

Having open conversations with others about your emotional and physical experiences with Crohn's or colitis can help strengthen your relationships and improve intimacy.

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Fertility and Pregnancy

When thinking of starting a family, there are important considerations to make before conceiving, during and after pregnancy to ensure a healthy and positive experience.

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Insurance and Government Support

Get tips on purchasing private insurance for IBD, learn about support from federal and provincial governments such as tax credits, health or drug benefits, and financial assistance.

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Travelling with IBD

Whether you are travelling in Canada or internationally, planning what to bring with you, taking a close look at transportation, accommodations, and insurance will help keep plans on track.

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Disclaimer: The materials in Crohn’s and Colitis Canada’s online learning series were created in collaboration with clinical and research experts in the field of inflammatory bowel disease. The materials are for educational purposes only. They are of general value, and may not apply to specific medical situations. Online resources are not a substitute for the personalized judgment and care of a trained health care professional.

Last updated: August 2020