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Video: Eating well with IBD

Learn from a Registered Dietician and person living with IBD about the impact of IBD on nutritional health and diet, options for nutritional therapies or treatment, types of diet commonly used in people with IBD, and how to maintain a well-balanced diet to manage IBD flares and symptoms.

This presentation was part of the Youth Education Series and provides helpful tips to maintain a healthy diet as young adult.

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Video: Myths and misconceptions about nutrition in IBD

Watch our broadcast below featuring a Registered Dietitian and expert in the field discuss the impact of food and nutritional supplements on IBD, and answer frequently asked questions about diet and IBD. 

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Video: Diet and Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Learn about the relationship between diet and IBD including research studies that aim to better understand the impact of food and nutrition on Crohn's and colitis disease activity. 

Speaker: Suzanne Hansen, Registered Dietitian at Hamilton Health Sciences. This Gutsy Learning Series is presented in partnership with McMaster University.

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