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Factsheet: Biosimilars in Canada

If you're currently taking a biologic medication, some provinces have implemented a non-medical switch policy that will change patient access to public health coverage for these drugs. These provinces will no longer provide financial assistance for certain biologic drugs that have a biosimilar available in Canada.

Patients taking these biologics must switch to the biosimilar medication if they want to continue to receive drug coverage. Some exceptions may apply (e.g., children, pregnant women). Click here to learn more about non-medical switch and biosimilars. 

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Glossary of terms

To review our glossary of terms for insurance and drug coverage, click here

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Letter of support for disability tax credit

Click here for a sample Letter of Support which can be given to your medical practitioner to complete on your behalf. 

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Checklist: Private Insurance and IBD

Complete our insurance checklist to help you navigate insurance providers and determine what best suits your current and future health care needs as it relates to your Crohn's or colitis. 

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