November is Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness Month!

Friends sitting side by side
As more Canadians continue to be diagnosed with Crohn’s or colitis and provincial governments reevaluate and change healthcare policies, the need to raise awareness about these diseases becomes increasingly urgent. Crohn’s and Colitis Awareness Month is about reducing the stigma, advocating for patient-doctor choice, and driving research toward cures. Here’s how you can get involved:

The faces of IBD: online and in the news
To amplify the voices in our community, we’ll be sharing inspiring words, video messages, and stories from Canadians living with Crohn’s or colitis on our social media accounts. Make sure you follow us @getgutsycanada on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so you don’t miss out!

Looking for a longer read? We’ll be publishing a story from our community on our website every week this month. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for an article in the Globe and Mail on November 4!

Let your government know why treatment choice matters
We think treatment decisions should be made between you and your doctor – not the government. Policy change made at the expense of your health is not okay! Take part in our letter-writing campaign to let your local government representative know how you feel.

Light up the country in red and purple
What better way to brighten up your day than seeing your local landmarks illuminated in red or purple? Be sure to snap a photo and tag us @getgutsycanada! These lightings have been confirmed so far:

British Columbia:
  • Canada Place (Vancouver, BC)
  • Science World (Vancouver, BC)
  • BC Place (Vancouver, BC)
  • Victoria Legislative Buildings (Victoria, BC)
  • Reconciliation Bridge (Calgary, AB) | November 9
  • Calgary Tower (Calgary, AB) | November 9
  • Lethbridge City Hall (Lethbridge, AB) | November 27
  • Winnipeg Sign (Winnipeg, MB) | November 8
  • CN Tower (Toronto, ON) | November 2
  • 3D Toronto Sign (Toronto, ON) | November 2
  • Niagara Falls (Niagara, ON) | November 15, 10:00 pm EST
  • Hamilton Sign (Hamilton, ON) | November 15
  • Chatham-Kent Municipal Government Buildings (Chatham, ON) | November 15
  • Olympic Stadium (Montreal, QC) | November 26 (evening) - 27 (morning)
Nova Scotia:
  • Halifax City Hall (Halifax, NS) | November 18-24
Newfoundland and Labrador:
  • Cabot Tower (St. John's, NL) | November 21
  • St. John's City Hall (St. John's, NL) | November 21-28
Take part in an innovative learning experience
We’ll be talking all things Crohn’s and colitis with local experts at our Gutsy Learning Series events this month! Join us in person on November 9 in Calgary or November 28 in Toronto for an evening of presentations and the opportunity to converse with leaders in IBD research, education, and healthcare. Presentations will be uploaded to our website following the events. Learn more and register!

Look forward to our new educational tools and IBD self-management app
When you live with a chronic illness, you often have more questions than answers. Education is key! Our team has been working incredibly hard to create an interactive, digital learning experience for individuals to strengthen their knowledge about Crohn’s and colitis, an IBD self-management app, an online library of reliable information about these diseases, a health services finder, and searchable answers from IBD experts. Together, these tools will empower people living with Crohn’s or colitis to understand and manage their IBD and make informed decisions alongside their doctor. Stay tuned for more details later this year!

  • Canada has among the highest incidence rates of Crohn's and colitis in the world.
  • 1 in 140 Canadians lives with Crohn’s or colitis.
  • Families new to Canada are developing these diseases for the first time.
  • Incidence of Crohn’s in Canadian kids under 10 has doubled since 1995.
  • People are most commonly diagnosed before age 30.

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