You’re not alone: the Exploits Valley area has a supportive Crohn’s and colitis community, made up of people with inflammatory bowel disease, families, volunteers, and more. Together, we share experiences, raise funds at the Gutsy Walk and heighten awareness.

There are over 125 people with Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis in the Exploits Valley community. We understand the challenges you and your family may be facing – because we face them, too.
Young man wearing a Gutsy Mask

Get Your Gutsy Mask On!

Our new reality requires people to wear masks as we open up our cities.  What better way than donning a high quality, Canadian-made reusable mask, with all proceeds going towards the critical ...

Speaker giving a presentation

The Link Between Diet and Mental Health in IBD

Join us to learn more about the relationship between diet, the microbiome, and mental health in people with Crohn's and colitis. Research into dietary interventions (e.g., plant-based diets ...

Webinar (online)
Two stones animated wearing sunglasses holding hands.

Group Peer Support Events

Our virtual group peer support program invites people affected by IBD to connect with and provide support to others living with or caring for someone with Crohn’s and colitis. Group sessions ...



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