Benefits of Physical Activity

Physical activity has many benefits to the general population, including:

  • Decreased pain

  • Increased muscle strength, bone strength, and range of motion

  • Increased fitness level

  • Less fatigue

  • Improved sleep

  • Improved balance

  • Decreased risk of falls

  • Increased self-confidence

  • Increased ability to perform daily activities

  • Healthier body weight (which means less stress on joints)

  • Improved mood and ability to manage stress

  • ​Decreased risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease and stroke, lung disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and others

​For people with IBD, studies reveal that exercise can counteract some IBD symptoms and complications such as:

  • Decreased risk of constipation

  • Decreased risk of diverticular disease

  • Decreased risk of gallstones

  • Decreased risk of colon cancer (and increased survival of cancer patients) with an average risk reduction of 20-25%

  • Increased quality of life including positive effects on overall health, perceived stress, physical well-being, increased mood, symptom relief, reduced fatigue 

  • Anti-inflammatory effects (for low to moderate intensity workouts) by decreasing visceral fat and releasing immune cells like cytokines and myokines 

  • Immune system improvement 

  • Increased bone mineral density and protection against osteoporosis 

  • Reduced muscle weakness

  • Protection against obesity (which is associated with more active IBD and requirement for hospitalization and/or surgery)

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