Accessing a Dietitian

A dietitian and nutritionist are not always the same thing. In Canada, a dietitian is a protected title, like a physician, nurse, or pharmacist. That means they are a regulated healthcare provider, and are qualified from an accredited program.

Dietitians are accountable to provincial regulatory bodies. In Alberta, Quebec, and Nova Scotia, a nutritionist is also a protected title, but in some places, this title may be less protected under the law. To be sure that you are accessing a qualified dietitian, look for the initials RD or PDt (DtP in French) or ask them. You can also contact their regulatory body to confirm.

Dietitians’ help patients understand how the science of nutrition can help them reach their health objectives. They are knowledgeable in different research areas, skills, and techniques, and can work with you to identify foods and habits that may work well. Consult with your healthcare provider if you would like to access a registered dietitian.

Though food is a basic necessity, a person’s relationship with eating can be complicated with IBD. While eating well can be a challenge, the role diet plays is huge and worth experimenting with for nutritional value and symptom relief. Talk to a dietitian for individualized assessment and a nutrition plan to find what works for you.

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